Why Colors Are an Important Consideration in E-commerce Website Design

26 Sep , 2017 Uncategorized

Why Colors Are an Important Consideration in E-commerce Website Design

It is sad that website owners and even some web developers underrate the importance of choosing the appropriate color scheme for an e-commerce store. After selecting the best themes for your e-commerce website, choosing the most appropriate color combination when designing a website can make or break your website. According to psychologists, people are susceptible albeit subconsciously to color impressions. The color scheme used on a website can make us stay longer or quit immediately. It follows that; a website with appropriate colors will convert more. I know you are now wondering and asking yourself what you should consider in determining the colors to use for your web design?

Here are some factors to consider in determining the colors to adapt for your online store

· Take into consideration your target audience

Color selection is not similar to templates for websites selection. When it comes to choosing the color scheme of your online store many entrepreneurs make the blunder of focusing on their feelings rather than their target audience. The success of your website is pegged on attracting your audience. If your audience like your website, they are likely to keep visiting your site and staying longer to make a purchase. Therefore, when selecting the colors, try to understand who your target audience is. The colors that appeal to teens may not necessarily work for seniors. Some colors that are extremely bright like yellow, red, or blue may cause eye fatigue and may drive visitors away.

·Colors should be chosen relative to the products they highlight

Proper use of colors can invoke certain feelings and emotions. Here is a list of colors and where and when you should use them.

  • Red: invokes emotion and is an attractive color that can be used to command people to take action. Therefore, you can use red for a call to actions like ‘Book Now,’ ‘Call Now,’ and ‘Reserve Now’ among others. It is also a good color for websites that sell products for children
  • Yellow: denotes cheerfulness as well as creativity. It is an ideal color for leisure websites and can also be used with kids. However, it should be used in moderation as it is bright and can easily irritate the eyes.
  • Green: As usual denotes the nature. It is a pleasing color and also invokes trust. Adopting green for tourism sites can be an excellent idea. It can also be great as a corporate color.
  • Blue is a conservative color that relaxes the nervous system. Blue commands lots of trusts and can be used to brand your company as it will transfer the perception of trust to your company.
  • Orange: Most ideal for food products, promotes creativity and works well with the youth
  • Black: Mostly used by in art and photography sites
  • Purple: Is mostly adapted by religious organizations.


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