The Five Themes for e-Commerce Websites That Are Most Trusted on The Theme Market in 2017

23 Sep , 2017 Uncategorized

The Five Themes for e-Commerce Websites That Are Most Trusted on The Theme Market in 2017

In this day and age, more than ever before, both you and your company can benefit from an online store, or ecommerce. Designing your website is the key to having a successful ecommerce and one of the easiest ways to create a very good looking and well-working website is by using a theme. Here are a few examples as to what a theme can do for your ecommerce website.


Crux is a novel ecommerce theme that has its very own special way of persuading its users to browse by category, but doing so in a very stylish way. Every time you hover with your mouse over any of the featured images of the products, the image where your mouse is darkens and two buttons- add to cart and details fly in from the top and bottom of the picture, respectively. You can use the Stag Custom Sidebars plugin to create an unlimited amount of shortcuts and you get a home page that is completely widgetized.


Oxygen is one of those themes for ecommerce websites that look very cool and modern and require only a minimal amount of tweaking. The focus of this theme is giving you lots of space. It has dainty font sizes and a black on white color scheme that gives off a very widescreen feel. You can customize it by choosing between one of six available header styles and between a number of default layouts. If you want to customize it even further, then all you have to do it press the bundled Visual Composer plugin into service. Furthermore, you can get a bunch of other plugins, including the Zoom Magnifier plugin that will enable your customers to view all of your products close-up.

The Retailer

The Retailer is a very popular ecommerce theme for websites that has an incredibly stunning design. It comes with several animations that are unique to the theme, including a thumbnail that is flipping and another that makes a slide’s featured image move along with your mouse. Another thing is that the site-wide call to action has a very revolutionary design. If you choose to get this theme, with it you get a 1-click demo content import, free lifetime support for it, some solid documentation, as well as a choice between 2 different layout options- boxed and wide.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to using a theme when creating your ecommerce website, that it really makes no sense to design it from scratch yourself. No matter what kind of business you are running, there is no doubt that there is a theme out there to help you make your ecommerce perfect.

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